Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Popular Effect

  Well if things are going the way they say they are, Wayne is going for a milli again. Hits Daily is reporting that Tha Carter IV  will sell close to 1 million albums sold and debut Tuesday at number 1 on Billboard's Album Charts . Congrats Weezy.
  Now, we knew that IV would be a big seller but we also thought that the album would be even better. C4 is just not Lil Wayne's best.
 Even the critics are not showing love for Dwayne. Even Billboard has notices his lack of hot lines on this album saying, "Lil Wayne diehards will notice the lack of gargantuan hooks, knocking beats and microphone personality that made "Tha Carter II" an unexpected breakout and "Tha Carter III".The songs are not all together for me. I loved C3 because everything sounded different. No track had the same feel to it as the other and even the slow songs had you up.
 This album is sort of a let down to a fan like me but it is not all bad check out the review son by song.

1.Intro-Nothing special(2/5)
2.Blunt Blowin-Hot hook but not really talking about nothing(3/5)
3.Mega Man-The closes thing to a Milli except for 6foot7(3/5)
4.6 Foot 7-Hot track full of "Memorable" lines(4/5)
5.Nightmares of The Bottom-Super Slow but it picks up(3/5)
6.She Will-Not a bad song, Wayne paints a picture, Drake is the paint(3.5/5)
7.How to Hate-The Second best song on the album,T-pain is the strongest though(4.5/5)
8.Interlude-The best song on the album hands down. Tech and 3 Stacks murders but Wayne is not on it , that says ALOT for the album.(5/5)
9.John-Wayne and Ross share this great track that bump hard.(4/5)
10.Abortion- Okay, could be better(3/5)
11.So Special-So Special indeed Legend kills(4/5)
12.How to Love-Meaningful(3.5/5)
13.President Carter- You will remember the hook but not the lyrics(3/5)
14.Its Good- If Wayne didn't diss Jay-Z then this track would be wacker than it is(2.5/5)
15.Outro- Fire(4/5)

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