Friday, December 2, 2011

Working With What We Got

Well since the biggest award of the night is allllllllllll fucked up (see last post) we gotta do what the title say. These are just my predictions on how the night will turn out.
Best Pop Vocal Album 
-Adele's 21, she deserves this one but big shout out to Cee-Lo for his album nod in the cateroy.

Best Pop Solo Preformance
-Adele's Someone Like You, She shuts it down anytime she preforms this, if not Gaga's You And I could surprise.

Best Pop Duo/Group Preformance
-This can go alot of ways. You got a legend and a dead girl (Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse(they love the dead)). The creative Black Keys. The new it band, Foster The People. Maroon 5 with the catchy hit Moves Like Jagger. An Motherfuckin Coldplay. Im giving it to them cause white peoplelove them some Coldplay.

Best R&B Performance
-Showdown between Marsha Ambrosius' Far Away and Ledisi's Pecies Of Me. Both are great but the bigger hit usually wins so Far Away.

Best Traditional R&B Performance
-Cee-Lo and Fiona's Fool For You.

Best R&B Song
-I see Far Away taking this from Cee-Lo and Ledisi.

Best R&B Album
-Old Vs. New. R. Kelly Love Letter against Brezzys F.A.M.E. Chris has this though.

And heres where it gets Fucked up at.

Best Rap Performance
- Should go to Otis but voters might still be Looking At Me Now. I give it to Otis because this is a Rap Song not a Song with Rappers.

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
- All Of The Lights , He had Elton John on the track so idont know how this could not win. If not i can see Im On One taking it since it ust went Triple Plat. Congrats Khaled

Best Rap Song
- Look At Me Now might takke it but All Of The Lights should win.

Best Rap Album
- Well let me put it like this, Tha Carter IV- HELL NO AND I MEAN THAT SHIT.
Pink Friday- No but no hate it was a nice album.
Lasers- If neither Kanye or Jay and Kanye dont win he got it.
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- THE ONLY FOR SURE WINNER IN THIS WHOLE SHOWbut since it didnt get the AOTY NOD they might not give it to him, hoes.
Watch The Throne- They can play Yezzy but i think Jay scares em so i say this would be the winner.

Last but the most fucked up
 Album Of The Year
- Goes to KANYE BITHCHES, naw let me get off it.
Adele's 21 will take the trophy home for this one but if it was anybody else id be mad but she got talent. Good for her.

To see how it all goes down watch it on Feb. 21th on CBS.
For the rest of the Nominations go to this page.

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